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For students visiting Hull or studying at the University the shul provides a warm family environment, hospitality and accommodation.

Please contact Anna Grantham for more information here.

You're sure of a friendly welcome in Hull!

A letter from a previous resident with the Hull Hebrew Congregation:

My unexpected and loving family – Hull Hebrew Congregation

Consider yourself in Hull. Consider yourself part of the family.


Believe me when I say I never thought I’d end up in Hull. In fact when my wife to be told me that she got her first doctor placement in Hull I kicked a table and broke a toe. To leave my life in London and move 200 miles away sounded like nothing short of a nightmare, but that fear vanished within one Shabbat in Hull.


So my wife and I along with my wife’s twin (also a doctor) moved to the area and spent two years with the community. Someone from my home community in London gave me the number of someone they knew in Hull and told me to get in touch. I did and was invited to Friday night dinner with the Golds. That was the beginning of a friendship which has been invaluable and we became part of the Hull family. I have experienced community hospitality before but this was beyond that. I became a regular at shul, leading services and there was never any judgment, none. No judgment on what I kept and what I didn't keep in terms of halacha, my hobbies, nothing. Just like family. No politics, no judgment, just care. We gave what we could because we wanted to, because that’s the way the community work and everyone does their part. It may be helping with a fundraiser, leading services, helping make a minyan, giving each other lifts when they know they aren’t able to brave the elements or just might want the company. Some take care of the logistics, the finances, the communications, the pastoral work, but everyone plays their part in making the community fantastic. For a small community there is so much activity and if you want to do something you’ll have every support possible to do it. You’ve never had so many people genuinely offering to help you with anything and everything.


There is no community which is a family like the Hull kehila. We became so much a part of the family that when my daughter was born 17 months ago we named her after the late Max Gold, a man who was dedicated to the community and looked after us week in - week out and who helped me deal with some of the hardest moments of my life. I write this after returning to Hull to visit the community and it was like coming home with a family welcome. Everyone wanting to see us and care for us before we had even arrived.


What about this, that and the other? The community with gladly help you find accommodation and believe me when I say it’s affordable. We rented a 4 bed townhouse with a garage and large garden for less than a room in London. Kosher food? Waitrose in Willerby stocks plenty, Ocado deliver in the area with a huge selection and for more and meat there are monthly orders from Leeds which community members will collect for you and deliver to you.


If you are looking for somewhere to make an impact, Hull is the place. If you want to be part of a community where your presence can change the lives of everyone in the community, Hull is the place. They will do everything they can to make things as easy as possible for you! You will be family, guaranteed. I have never had so much trepidation which turned out to be such a rewarding part of my life that has helped shape me for the better and I have never been able to give so much and make such an impact for the better.


Consider yourself in Hull, consider yourself part of the family.


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