Friday Night Chicken Soup

All Members of the Community are invited to Kabbolas Shabbat which is followed by Kiddush, Challah and Chicken Soup made by the Rebbetzen.

It’s a chance to socialise with other Members of the Community, in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Bagel Breakfast

Every Sunday morning, after Shacharit which starts at 9am, a delicious bagel breakfast is served with hot drinks.

This breakfast is sponsored by

a gracious donor who has a Yahrzeit

or Special Occasion that he/she

would like to commemorate.

The Rabbi enjoys utilising this opportunity to answer any questions on religious matters that need addressing, and provides a short ongoing explanatory service for the Grace after Meals that is recited at the end of breakfast.

​Ladies Monthly Meeting

The Rebbetzen invites all ladies to a Shiur once a month for an opportunity to discuss relevant topics that have been raised during the month on a variety of issues.

Coffee, tea and cake is provided and it is a perfect chance for ladies to socialise with the Rebbetzen.

See calendar for details.